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Youth Football: Urgent Need For Revival

cameroun,youth,football,urgent,need,for,revival,cameroon,CAMEROUN :: Youth Football: Urgent Need For Revival :: CAMEROONThe 3-0 defeat the U-20 team suffered Sunday in the hands of Mali, forfeiting their qualification for the 2019 U-20 AFCON, are strong signals for stakeholders to sit up. 

The U-20 men’s football squad  will be absent in  2019  U-20  Africa Cup of Nations that will take place  in  Niger.  Cameroon failed to qualify for the competition after losing to the Aiglons of Mali on a 4-1 aggregate.  The  Junior  Lions suffered a 3-0 defeat in the return leg  qualifier  for the tournament on Sunday July 22,  2018  at  Modibo  Kieta Stadium in Bamako, Mali.  

After  being  held  to  a  1-1 draw at home it was expected that Head coach, Christophe Oumarou and his boys would work hard to improve on their winning strategies and do better in Mali.  However, the team had a more difficult time in Mali. Mali’s goals were scored by Hadji Dramé  (28th  minute)  Mohamed  Camara  (59th  mi- nute)  and  Touré (77th mi- nute).  Cameroon’s  ousting from the race did not come as a surprise given their per- formance in the first leg in Yaounde one week ago.

From  the  performance  of the  team  many  begin  to wonder how the players for the  U-20  squad  were  selected and even the quality of the officials in charge of the selection. It is clear that Cameroon  had  slimmer chances  of  qualifying  as their  opponents  were playing  on  home  ground.

Apart from that half of the Malian  team  players  were part of team that played the U-17 AFCON in Gabon and the U-17 World Cup in India last year. That alone is proof that  Malians  master  the techniques  and  are  more experienced in international competitions  as  compared to  the  Junior  Lions  of  Cameroon most of whom are novices in the international scene.

Defensive midfielder, Boris Enow  said  it  was  not  an easy  match  because  Mali were playing in their country. He promised that the team will continue to work harder so  that  in  future  competitions  they  will  do  better.

Team  captain,  Frank  Fomeyem said the team had a good start but they did not  make  use  of  their chances.  Following  the  results of the weekend qualifiers  Mali,  Nigeria,  Burkina Faso, Burundi, South Africa, Senegal and Niger have qualified for the final round of the 2019 U-20 AFCON. The last qualifiers will be played between Ghana and Benin in  August,  2018.  There  is urgent need to revamp the national selection if the future must be better. A competitive youth championship is also imperative.

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